Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Best Rock Steps

Check out my compilation of some of the best stone steps layed by great stone masons around the world.

Simple but elegant home wall and stone steps by Omni Stonework.
A little backyard patio with rock steps from Whistling Dwarf Stonework.
Beautiful curves in these steps from Hammerhead Stoneworks.
These are some heavy duty slabs in these awesome rock steps from Autumn Ridge Stone
Some nice big natural looking stone steps with boulders from Wuerfels.
Nice overall landscaping job embedding some stone stairs by Dana Lund Landscaping.
These are some big chunks of stone used by Robinsons Landscaping as well for their rock steps.
Very elegant stone steps from Kim Harwood Stoneworks.
Nice round steps from Frese Ornamental Nursery.
I love parts of the the stone wall left of the rock steps by Farnsworth Landscaping.
More solid stairs and rock walls by Sugarledge Stone Quarry.
Wow. That bottom step is a massive stone in these rock steps by Paul Massad Landscaping.
Beautiful all around landscaping design with flowers, stone wall and rock steps by Timber Ridge Landscaping.
The river rocks surrounding these big slab stone stairs makes them look awesome from Breck Outdoors.
Beautiful colored rock used on these stone steps from Gorrell Landscaping.
The stone wall really accents these steps well.
Great rock steps for this remote cabin by Rasset Landscaping.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Best Stone Moongates

Moongates and arches built from stone are amazing and beautiful structures. They are incredibly strong as the Romans proved. Here are some exquisite stone moongates from around the world.

What a courtyard and moongate by Chuck Eblacker.
What an amazing house entrance moongate by Jan Panther Guest.
A beautiful garden stone moongate by Magma Design Group.
Old moongate in Bermuda.
Absolutely stunning Garden Hill Acres Moongate in Canada.
Moongate built by the DSWA in Scotland.
Indoor moongate in the Hutong restaurant in Hong Kong.
I love the doors on this moongate by Chuck in Idaho.

Thin rock moongate at Ballymore Gardens in Ireland.
Moon Gate at MacCallum More Museum and Gardens in Chase City, Virginia.
And of course some of Thea Alvins moongates.